Is there any driver update I could use to make things work? Perhaps a System Restore Point will do the job. The port driver is bundled into the Ricoh 5 in one driver. HD-Lacie d2 quadra 1tb Firewire card-no idea not listed brand. You are my lifesaver , thank you so much it definately worked: After hours spent in frustration it now works every time in a super fast way. Tuesday, November 16, 4:

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I have the same problem, but I’m afraid to change the driver because of how it might affect my firewire audio interface. Is there any driver update I could use to make things work?

HDVsplit hasn’t font since. LOL, I answered yes and finished the installation. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: I cannot be the only person with a Maxtor drive using Windows ftont, so assume a solution must be available somewhere? I updated driver and all other but nothing Friday, February 5, 2: Oh, and I did make sure to reboot after changing any of the driver settings. Before the lowest I could go wasnow it gets down to I used the one from this link and hey presto I think the problem is with the HP dv6 laptop, maybe with the bundle firewire port.


Following on from the above, I have tried connecting via Firewire and the drive did not appear in the drive list and I could not see it in Device Manager, so for now I have reverted to the back USB port and guess I will have to buy a USB hub to increase the availability.

Maxtor 1394 Storage Front Panel Free Driver Download

Now my Firewire does not work. I ran sfc scans until I was blue in the face and kept getting error messages about the tcpmon.

There is too much information available on the internet to indicate the problem is MS and MS is not resolving the issue of Win 7 compatibility with Firewire.

Tuesday, May 18, 2: Thank you sooooooo much. Find out who made your port hardware and contact them for the appropriate driver. Friday, August 15, 7: The port driver is bundled into the Ricoh 5 in one driver.

Prior to this fix it was taking 3’55” to transfer I even have extra options in the samplerate settings of the Yamaha Steinberg FW driver.

I was on a dell m and my SD card slot would only work as read only under windows 7, which is on the bus. It was not showing the drive name either under USB or the connection. I hope this will help some of you out. Western Digital states on their website that they do not have a current driver or firmware for their older HDs. Western Digital still provides Firewire connection on some of their external hard drives but is offering sufficient USB 3 units for the time being.


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The new one is as fast as expected from a connection. I have Tascam Fw and windows 7 ultimate and I can’t hear sound from my mixer!!! Sony Video Capture kept saying that frint app must be using the camera.

Glad to report that using the legacy device worked for me. I will bookmark it so John, please stay on it.

I am trying to have two cameras simultaneously feed video into the computer. However, I find it somewhat unacceptable that this step is necessary. Hi Nainesh squealerUnfortunately, I did not have as much luck with the Unibrain driver for my situation due to one of my WD External Hard Drives is not compatible with Windows 7.