Btw, yes you cant notice a difrerence between 60fps and fps, but seeing as how the fps usually fluctuates it can be noticeable. Or just becnh perfomance? I mean will i be able to overclock my card after the hack? Log in or Sign up. I’m using coolbits right now.

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It should inxtall work for XP. Is there anyway to use the SQ hack and still keep my DX capabilities, I haven’t run into that problem. Just did this with a GF4 Ti, works great.

I’m obviously doing something wrong, so if someone can help here, it would be much appreciated. DO NOT restart yet. If you want to try NVStrap anyway, open up Rivatuner. Thanks for any help.

I’ve heard that it works on the MX cards, but I am sceptical since I think they have different cores. Close the auto-install and go in through device manager. Do you already have an account? If a game focuses on OpenGL, you might get a boost from this, but it does not hold any advantages for D3D.

Since there is a opengl option, I’m assuming yes? Insyall the SQ4 script pack to the home directory of RivaTuner. I’m going to reinstall a fresh set of drivers instwll the patch applied correctly and see what happens then. Great guide, everthing seems to be right with what I’ve done, but how can I test it to make sure its working right?


Tenchi, basically, this is a mod to change a standard Geforce card to the Quadro 4. Any hiccup or jumpiness will definetly show that it really isn’t running anywhere near that displayed fps.

No NVstrap tab in Rivatuner?

My qustions are though, one what is this excaly? Combined with a few extra’s and an overall high nvstrwp build MSI might have a mvstrap winner here. AS for advacned features can anyone advise me on whats worth switching on and what isnt? Reinstall your drivers manually so that you can insure they will come from the folder where you patched the driver. Everything you need to know about getting a QuadroFX out of your card is in there.

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On RivaTuner NVstrap Driver Enable low-level system tweaks?

Is there anyway to use the SQ hack and still keep my DX capabilities, or altermately is there intall way I can easily switch between the two without reinstalling drivers and going through that whole process?

When I install NvStrap drivers and force quadro capabilities on with my asus Geforce4 TI SE, the video card seems to fail its inshall after reboot and my. I think you may have just changed the ID of the card to look like a Quadro without actually gaining any of the benefits. I got an extra 15fps on the 3dmarktruing it now on fresh install with direct x 9.


SoftQuadro4 howto [Retired sticky] [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

Originally posted by Mpegger Having the framerate jump from 60 to doesn’t really sound very instalo to me. Thanks to this cooler the card hovers just above the 50 Degrees C, that’s under full gaming load whilst being factory overclocked towards MHz on the GPU base clock.

Now click OK and Close.

Overall a simple looking yet very versatile keyboard with some very cool per key LED lighting features that can animate and has compatibility with macro’s, without the use of any software. You will now see a new window with two tabs. Enable overlays, clamp behavior, etc. Retired Sticky A couple people have asked me how to get the SoftQuadro hack to work. Is there anyway though, to use the latest drivers, as im sure there are MANY more resolutions and enhancements that we are missing, using such dated drivers.