At any time the moderators will use discretion on any given rule. That first one is probably my biggest wrestling pet peeve. Your lack of caring doesn’t need to be vocalized. It might seem strange to some that pro wrestling, which relies on pre-determined victors and scripts, would have banned manoeuvres. Fucking acting like he’s never seen a pile driver before. Thanks for the warning.

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Letting them know “as little as possible” still doesn’t work. Jerry Lynn used a cradle piledriver which looked brutal as all get out. When you willing join in on something that you know can potentially be risky to kill you, then that type of death is a comedy to someone like me. Moderator Discretion Piledrivwr any time the moderators will use discretion on pilerdiver given rule.

I think JR and King admitted that in their prime they would request not to be told what would happen so that the commentary sounded more authentic.

So I would assume he doesn’t too much of what is going on in the match. Part of that leaked thing for commentary said to make up conversations you’ve had with talent to help make you sound like you’re more than just an announcer.


Or not even someone like Cena, let’s say Zack Ryder got fined and chose not to pay it, then what? Here are seven of the most famous. Because I care about them pilsdriver not do be a bull fighter. If that’s not your thing, don’t click it.

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Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. It’s just his way of calling those moments that gets annoying.

Any posts posted seemingly for no reason but to bait, troll, or otherwise antagonize the community can and will be removed at the mods discretion.

Good point, Cole totally just sticks to announcing. Well its not working- I can always tell a near fall by the way Cole calls it. Submit a new link. No image posts that are: He saved the most dangerous for last; IIRC, this move happened at about the 25 minute mark, and about a couple minutes later, Cena would win.

Neither of them were messing around so yeah it was pretty textbook. No one should “love” watching someone die, even if the circumstances show that they had it coming. Undertaker and Kane were ‘grandfathered,’ meaning they were allowed to pukn using the move as it was a signature and they were using it before the ban.


When you’ve given a million piledrivers, you know one when you see it. Who has banned the move: Other times, piledrievr move might be associated with a controversial figure in sports entertainment, or create controversy that the promoters would wish to avoid.

It was not really WCW’s fault.

7 Wrestling moves that are banned

Note that even Vince on commentary says it’s a tombstone piledriver. No spoilers in titles for 24 hours after a show has aired.

Thanks for saving the the click I want to hunt that down. Reposts and vague titles Obvious reposts and titles that are overly ambiguous will be deleted at the moderators’ discretion. Ive watched a ton of his Memphis stuff.

Please click accept to agree with the use of all cookies. Obvious reposts and titles that are overly ambiguous will be deleted at the moderators’ discretion. I have a weak constitution, which essentially makes me