Effective August 29, we’ve lowered our pricing on our Linux based software application, check out the new pricing. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. As Debian and Ubuntu are similar in many ways, the installation process for Bluecherry is near identical on both operating systems. This server is pre-built with Version 2 installed along with the client. Bluecherry For all your security needs.

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Although Ivideon states that it officially supports Ubuntu Desktop Looking for a quick and easy to use surveillance system that supports Linux? While Bluecherry is free and cross-platform, it does offer licenses for purchase. This means on a typical dual core 2. Currently, 2, IP cameras are supported.

Xeoma just refused to work. I’d try and configure a cam but the fields just don’t blueecherry what is on their instruction pages. One of the more prominent ones is bit.

And remember, while you may be watching others, they may also be watching you. Unfortunately, Bluecherry lacks a mobile app for Android and iOS.


Amazingly, Xeoma can connect with up to 2, cameras from a single computer. That should be plenty for the average home user.

Version 2 – Download instructions

Here are 6 great options for webcam-based surveillance products you can use today! We encourage our customers to post feature requests so we can easily track them.

Hide a camera, restrict their hourly access or prevent them from logging in from home. Either download and run the script, or install via command line.

How To Install The Bluecherry Surveillance Software On Linux

If I can even get the bastard to install. ZoneMinder is an awesome option for a do-it-yourself surveillance system. Since everything is mobile-centric, there are SMS alerts are available, alongside email updates.

Zonemanager has a somewhat obtuse setup that just didn’t work for my cams. The version 2 manual can be accessed here. Wow i love it While there are plenty of distributions which rely on either the.

Linux Based – Bluecherry

This security camera software is feature rich. If you need a nluecherry configuration please contact us. What are the pros and cons? Read More -centric tool.


How To Install The Bluecherry Surveillance Software On Linux

ZoneMinder supports both live video and image stills. The developers of Bluecherry distribute their client bluechsrry a downloadable Deb package. Even more important, which system is the most secure?

Thanks for the info. Only trust a few? Install it by downloading the package with wget. When the package installation process is complete, return the terminal and follow the prompts that appear. Only allow certain users to access certain areas of the software.